The following publications are available online


Report of the Evaluation of the Music Education Partnerships in Donegal and Dublin (PDF 967kb)

This report is an audit and evaluation of the exemplar Music Education Partnership (MEP) models in County Donegal and the City of Dublin by Karan Thompson Consulting (KTCL).

Report of the Outcomes of the Music Education Project - Phase 1 January-June 2007 (PDF 459kb)

This is a report by Karan Thompson Consulting Ltd. on the outcomes of a 6-month Music Education Project funded by the Arts Council and led by Music Network and the Music Education Working Group, advocating the need for the full implementation of a national system of Local Music Education Partnerships, as recommended in the 2003 Music Network feasibility study report.

Music Education Partnership Development Guide (PDF 272kb)

This is a practical document, providing information and advice for developing local Music Education Partnerships (MEPs) in Ireland. Its contents include guiding principles for partnership development; recommendations regarding structures and administration; policy frameworks and sources of potential support for emerging MEPs, as well as information on two existing pilot MEPs currently receiving funding from the Department of Education and Science, and the music education services they provide at local level.

Music Education Partnership – Mapping Survey Questionnaire and Responses (PDF 308kb)

This document records and analyses the outcomes of a mapping process managed by Karan Thompson Consulting Ltd. as part of the 6-month Music Education Project (January - June 2006), funded by the Arts Council and led by Music Network and the Music Education Working Group. The process focused on investigating the current levels of partnership-based music education activity currently taking place in Ireland, as well as the main areas of need experienced by these partnerships in attempting to deliver effective and accessible music education services in their area.

National System of Local Music Education Services: Report of a Feasibility Study (PDF 824kb)

Music Network Feasibility Study Report - A National System of Local Music Education Services is published as the culmination of a feasibility study conducted by Music Network, the national music development organisation. The study took 18 months (2001-2003) to complete with more than 220 Irish and international parties contributing to the consultation process and was jointly funded by the Departments of Education and Science and Arts, Sport and Tourism.

The report identifies the gap in current local music education and recommends the establishment of a cost-effective, national network of county-based Local Music Education Services. These will provide subsidised instrumental and vocal music education to children outside of school hours and complementary music-curriculum support to local schools during school hours. The new system will draw upon existing local facilities and resources, and VECs and Education Centres around Ireland will play key service-delivery roles.

Dingle Education Project Report (PDF 224kb)

Results of a project carried out by Music Network in Dingle which tested a hypothetical model using live music in the classroom in such a way as to add value to overall educational provision.

South Dublin Education Report (PDF 268kb)

Results of a project carried out by Music Network in Tallaght and Clondalkin which tested a hypothetical model using live music in the classroom in such a way as to add value to overall educational provision.

Bach Alive Project Evaluation Report (PDF 172kb)

This report evaluates the a series of three education projects in Letterkenny, Clifden and Tralee inspired by Bach's celebrated Goldberg Variations, which took place in conjunction with the Music Network/ESB Barry Douglas tour in Autumn 2000.

MEND - Music Education National Debate (PDF 2508kb)

A Review of Music Education in Ireland, incorporating the Final Report of the Music Education National Debate (MEND - Phase 3)

With thanks to Frank Heneghan for allowing this report to be posted on the Music Network website


Music in Healthcare Project: Phase One Evaluation Report (PDF 208kb)

This report evaluates the project run in 2000 at six long stay residential and day care centres in the Midlands Health Board region with a view to providing older people living in healthcare environments with access to live music experiences and to measure the impact of these experiences within participating centres.

Music in Healthcare Project: Phase Two Evaluation Report (PDF 216kb)

This is a report of the second phase of the evaluation of the Music in Healthcare Project. This report should be read in conjunction with the first phase evaluation which provided an interim assessment of the project's progress. The description of the project and its objectives will not be repeated here.

Music in Healthcare Project: Phase Three Evaluation Interim Report (PDF 268kb)

This is an evaluation report of the first year of Phase 3 of the Music in Healthcare project, and can be read in conjunction with the evaluation reports of the first two phases of the programme. This is an interim evaluation report, which is primarily intended to inform the second and third years of the three partnership between Music Network and the Midland Health Board.

Evaluation of the Music in Healthcare Project 2000 - 2004 (PDF 447kb)

This report explores and evaluates the effectiveness of the overall 5-year Music in Healthcare pilot Project in terms of its impact on the ground and the structures required to establish and maintain a partnership between a national music development agency and a regional Health Board. It incorporates findings from earlier phases of the project and explores the extent to which it has succeeded in implementing recommendations made in earlier evaluation reports. It also brings fresh findings from the final stage of the project (September 2004 – December 2004).

Evaluation of the participative music programme designed by Music Network as part of Cork 2005 - European Capital of Culture (PDF 284kb)

Music Network Policy 2000 (PDF 104kb)

Policy 2000 is Music Network's second policy document. It is been structured around three linked elements which collectively define Music Network in the year 2000, the year of its publication: a Mission Statement, outlining the principles on which the organisation operates, a statement of policy and an outline of its programme of activities.