The Sugar Rush Ticket Offer

The Sugar Rush Ticket Offer

Enjoy all three concerts with Music Network at The Sugar Club this autumn for the special price of €45!

Tour Dates

Wed 11 Sept, 8pm (doors 7.30pm) Tara Breen, Laoise Kelly, Josephine Marsh & Nell Ní Chróinín Book Tickets
Wed 2 Oct, 8pm (doors 7.30pm) Bangers and Crash Percussion Group Book Tickets
Wed 23 Oct, 8pm (doors 7.30pm) Airelle Besson, Sebastian Sternal & Jonas Burgwinkel Trio Book Tickets

Wednesday 11th September

Tara Breen, Laoise Kelly, Josephine Marsh & Nell Ní Chróinín

Music Network brings together four leading traditional musicians to pool their considerable talents, and the results are even greater than the sum of the parts. Tara Breen, Laoise Kelly, Josephine Marsh and Nell Ní Chróinín have been setting the bar high as performers, both at home and around the globe. Name-checking Danú, Kate Bush, The Chieftains and Christy Moore amongst their collaborators, and with Presidents Obama, Clinton, Higgins and the Queen as audience members, these artists have a quiet authority that comes with true mastery and understanding of their music and heritage.

Dedicated and passionate, they’ll lead audiences through a programme of traditional tunes and songs, and for good measure, into a new Music Network commission by Josephine, a gifted tunesmith. This is a warm and intimate conversation of equals, one on which listeners are privileged to eavesdrop.

Tara Breen, fiddle
Laoise Kelly, harp
Josephine Marsh, accordion
Nell Ní Chróinín, voice 



Wednesday 2nd October 8pm 

Bangers and Crash Percussion Group

Having a physics background can be a useful thing indeed if you are ace percussionist Alex Petcu. So the required sounds don't exist on conventional instruments? No problem, you just invent and build what you need. And that's what audiences can expect when he and fellow percussion adventurers Emma King and Brian Dungan take to the road with their kit bag of the usual suspects of the drum world, along with a fascinating array of metal, wood and… eh? string.

Three young and energetic virtuosos cook up a menu of new music (a pity Beethoven never wrote for marimba) which will tickle tastebuds and defy expectations. Their appetite for exploring rhythmic influences from around the world – Flamenco, Afro-Cuban, Javanese gamelan – is healthy, hearty and irrepressible. Audiences can expect a programme of 20th century works by composers including Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Thierry De Mey, as well as a new Music Network Commission from Alex Petcu. (Please note: no sausages will be harmed in the making of this programme).

Alex Petcu, percussion 
Emma King, percussion 
Brian Dungan, percussion


Tim Ouderits & Tom Ouderits Surprise! | Alyssa Weinberg Table Talk | Elliot Cole Postlude No 8 | Philip Glass Madeira River | Steve Reich Nagoya Marimbas | Steve Snowden A Man with a Gun Lives Here | Alex Petcu New Music Network Commission | Thierry de Mey Musique de Table | Gene Koshinski And So the Wind Blew



Wednesday 23rd October 8pm 

Airelle Besson, Sebastian Sternal & Jonas Burgwinkel Trio 

Leading the new wave of young European improvising trumpeters, Airelle Besson is a formidable, compelling and frankly, astonishing talent. Sometimes embracing a baroque sense of form and lyricism, she can turn on a sixpence and send forth grooves that mark her out as a fine jazz presence and a thoughtful and articulate composer.

With the elegant and lucid playing of pianist Sebastian Sternal and drummer Jonas Burgwinkel bringing his classic jazz and avant garde sensibilities to the table, this is a trio whose music is both considered and free, communicative and compelling. Listening to each other and to the moment, they build an architecture of eloquent and clean sound, without clutter, but with masses of heart.

Airelle Besson, trumpet
Sebastian Sternal, piano, fender rhodes
Jonas Burgwinkel, drums


Wed 11 Sept Tara Breen, Laoise Kelly, Josephine Marsh & Nell Ní Chróinín 8pm (doors 7.30pm) , €45 (for bundle of 3) 01-4750224
Wed 2 Oct Bangers and Crash Percussion Group 8pm (doors 7.30pm) , €45 (for bundle of 3) 01-4750224
Wed 23 Oct Airelle Besson, Sebastian Sternal & Jonas Burgwinkel Trio 8pm (doors 7.30pm) , €45 (for bundle of 3) 01-4750224

Listen on Spotify

The Tara Breen Band – The Proudlock’s Fancy / The Mullaghbawn Reel / Castletown Road

Alex Petcu playing Nagoya Marimbas by Steve Reich

Airelle Besson ‘The Painter & The Boxer’

"Exceptionally pure voice"

- The Living Tradition [on Ní Chróinín]

"Beguiling and….other-worldly"

- The Irish Examiner [on Petcu]

"Beautifully shaped music"

- All About Jazz [on Besson/Sternal/Burgwinkel Trio]