Self-Management: Fundamentals of Self-Management for Musicians with Frances Mitchell

Wednesday 1st November (11a.m. – 12:30 p.m.)

Fundamentals of Self-Management for Musicians

Those dirty words: Sales and Networking!

Nothing, in my experience, strikes more fear in the hearts of people in the beginning of their career than the thought of ‘networking’ and ‘sales’. However, I mostly find that people’s ideas of what this entails is far from what is actually necessary to do. This session will focus on different approaches for young professional musicians to practically use these skills to grow their career.

Both sales and networking are inherently practical and also, more importantly, can be learned. Fundamentally it is all about people and people skills, with a bit of research and planning thrown in for good measure. 

Not everyone has the luck to land a professional manager straight from college and as a result you are forced to ‘self-manage’. What do you need to do to secure gigs? How can you make sure you pitch yourself correctly? How do you price what you are worth? How can you ensure that you are professional in your approaches?

These and more questions will be discussed during the session.

Frances Mitchell

Frances has had varied career to date that has consistently been at the cutting edge. Whether touring a classical music ensemble around the world, managing the logistics of international world musicians, teaching PhD’s how to be more creative and entrepreneurial, running corporate events or managing 50 French men in the production of liquid detergent for the German market, her career has always involved the selling of world class product.

Frances is currently the Business Development Manager for Dolmen, Ireland’s leading product design and innovation consultancy where she is responsible for sales, marketing, PR and strategic development. She has previously been the Head of Programme Development of the Innovation Academy in UCD, the Director of her own artists agency, Invented, CEO of Crash Ensemble and a Production Engineer/Line Manager for Procter and Gamble in France. She has a BE in Mechanical Engineering, an MPhil in Music and Media Technologies, an MBA and a Professional Certificate in University Teaching. She also recently completed the Trinity International Growth Programme and is the Chairwoman of Crash Ensemble.