Arts Council Music Recording Scheme

Artist Amount Awarded
Sean Carpio and Mark Garry €7,800
Awarded €7,800 to document and extend a performance art project entitled Drift, which combined a composition by Sean based on a Sumerian hymn, written for and performed by a brass quartet, conversion of a wooden sail boat into a large scale Aeolian harp (a harp played by the wind), and improvisatory tenor saxophone linking both together. The recording will combine field recordings made of the performance, which partially captured the work, with the full composition, in order to share the performance project with a wider audience.
Siobhán Armstrong €9,935
Siobhán Armstrong (harpist) awarded €9,935 to record the first in a series of 5 CDs of music heard in Ireland between the 16th and 18th centuries, spanning Gaelic plainchant and epic, medieval Ossianic and Fenian lays, instrumental and song compositions of the old harpers and European Renaissance Music. Performed by Siobhan Armstrong, Róisín O Grady (soprano), Sylvie Moquet (bass viol), Reiko Ichise (bass viol), Frederik Bock (lute), Laoise O Brien (recorder) and Griogar Labhruidh and Róisín Elsafty (song).
Sharon Carty €9,999
Sharon Carty (mezzo-soprano) awarded €9,999 to mark the Benjamin Britten centenary year via a recording of a selection of his folk song arrangements, along with other songs by composer John Ireland and selected Irish composers, performed by Sharon Carty and Alison Browner (mezzo-soprano).
Matthew Jacobson €7,980
Matthew Jacobson awarded €7,980 to record his quartet ReDiviDeR’s second album featuring leading UK guest musicians, and a dedicated composition for each musician. Guest artists are Kit Downes (keys), Ben Davis (cello), Alex Bonney (trumpet/electronics) and Alex Roth (guitar).
Patrick O'Laoghaire €3,000
Patrick O'Laoghaire awarded €3,000 to record an EP of his own compositions under the name ‘Calgary’, involving electronic soundscapes, acoustic instruments and vocals.
Izumi Kimura €6,800
Izumi Kimura (piano) awarded €6,800 to record an album with Michael Buckley (bamboo flute, saxophones) that brings together 2 musical languages - jazz and modern/contemporary classical, and 2 cultures, Irish and Japanese, featuring original compositions and improvisation. A documentary film made of the process will make it accessible to audiences both aurally and visually.
Louth Contemporary Music Society €10,000
Louth Contemporary Music Society awarded €10,000 to produce the world premiére recording of ‘Monk’s Music’ by Russian composer Alexander Rastakov, performed by the Carducci String Quartet.
Ergodos €9,994
Ergodos awarded €9,994 to produce an album entitled ‘Songs’ celebrating the universality of song. Embracing the rock/pop album format, the recording will feature a miniature chamber orchestra comprising an expanded line-up of Ergodos musicians, and feature original compositions and new arrangements of loved songs.
Fiona Kelleher €5,670
Fiona Kelleher (voice) awarded €5,670 to record an album of newly composed songs for, and inspired by, children, in collaboration with Caoimhin Vallely (piano, electronics) and visual artist Inge Van Doorslaer.