Dancing on Edges of Light, Irish Music Magazine

17 August 2016

Seán Laffey of Irish Music Magazine talks to dancer Colin Dunne, fiddler Tola Custy and Deirdre Moynihan Programmes Manager at Music Network about 'Edges of Light' a new work commissioned by Music Network.

"We found the idea of Dublin Mean Time (1880-1916)... particularly intriguing. This led us to the concept of a musical exploration of that unique time of day, the beauty of the light patterns and the complexity of sounds, sights and natural rhythms that announce the dawing of day." Deirdre Moynihan, Music Network Programmes Manager

"Some of the tunes we selected are quite old but there are new compositions too. One for example is a slow air written by Maeve, called She Sells Time." Tola Custy, fiddle

"I have been working with samples and very small microphones that can pick up subtle movements, so the dance becomes not only a visual element but also is part of the sound-scape of the whole piece." Colin Dunne, dance

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