€136,000 in funding awarded through the Music Capital Scheme

15 December 2009

The Arts Council in association with Music Network today announced the names of sixteen individuals and organisations awarded funding through the Music Capital Scheme, an initiative designed to provide support for the purchase of musical instruments. A total of €136,000 has been awarded to professional musicians and non-professional performing groups.  The scheme elicited eighty-nine applications across two funding streams with the value of funding requests totalling in excess of €857,822.

This year's announcement marks the 2nd year of operation of the scheme, which has already had a high impact in a number of targeted niche areas. Initiated in 2008 with capital funding provided by the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism, the music capital scheme is a 3 year initiative intended to begin addressing the known need for assistance in meeting the cost of purchasing a musical instrument, ranging from highly practical targeted funding for the purchase of instruments used by local community bands, orchestras or other groups, right through to supporting dedicated professionals to make the investment required to purchase high end specialist instruments in their chosen field.

Speaking about the scheme, Pat Moylan, Chairman of the Arts Council says "this funding programme presents a unique opportunity for youth music groups, community music groups and professional musicians all over the country to receive assistance to help them buy musical instruments. It is great to see such a broad range of organisations and musicians receive support through this year's fund which we hope will increase people's participation in and enjoyment of music making into the future."

Awards in this scheme were made to individual artists, to ensembles and to organisations supporting musical practice in other ways. In 2009, there were two categories of support under the Music Capital Scheme aimed at highly skilled performing artists and non-professional performing groups/ensembles. 

Funding was awarded across the not-for-profit and community music sector through stream one, providing community groups and music schools with funding.  Twelve of the fifty-nine applicants were awarded a total of €76,560 for the purchase of musical instruments in stream one. Amongst the awardees were Exchange Dublin; Music Together, Wicklow; Crimlin Community Arts Music Collective, Mayo; Rathfarnham Concert Band Society, Dublin; Coole Music & Arts, Galway; Clara Town Band, Offaly; Cullen Pipe Band, Cork; De La Salle Scout Group Pipe Band, Waterford; Samboeire, Sligo; Athenry Junior and Senior Orchestras, Galway; Cruinniu na bhFliuit, Cork and Cork Academy of Music Ltd, Cork.
In stream two, funds of €39,440 were awarded to four professional musicians to assist with the purchase of high-value instruments. They are Carol McGonnell (Contrabass Clarinet); Sarah McMahon (Cello); Kate Hearne (Recorder) and Wallis Bird (Guitar). The four awardees were chosen from thirty other applications.
Stream 1
Demand: €632,610
Award: €76,560
Number of applications: 59
12.10% of funding demand met
Stream 2
Demand: €325,212
Award: €39,440
Number of Applications: 30

12.13% of funding demand met 



Stream One Awardees - Music Bank


Stream 1
59 applications with a total demand of €632,610 and an available fund of €76,560
Exchange Dublin, Dublin €11,450
Music Together, Wicklow € 913.20
Crimlin Community Arts Music Collective, Mayo €2,170
Rathfarnham Concert Band Society, Dublin €9,842.04
Coole Music & Arts, Galway € 10,105.29
Clara Town Band, Offaly € 4,875
Cullen Pipe Band, Cork €5,978.25
De La Salle Scout Group Pipe Band, Waterford €5,000
Samboeire, Sligo €3,928.72
Athenry Junior and Senior Orchestras, Galway €8,797.50
Cruinniu na bhFliuit, Cork €3,375
Cork Academy of Music Ltd, Cork €10,125

Stream 2
Stream Two Awardees- Individual High-Value Instruments

30 applications with a demand total of €325,212 and an available fund of €39,440

Carol McGonnell €7,866 (Contrabass Clarinet)
Sarah McMahon €25,000 (Cello)
Kate Hearne €4,824 (Recorder)
Wallis Bird €1,750 (Guitar)