In Sound Health: Irish Musicians Embark on European Training Project in Healthcare Settings

13 September 2011

Music Network is embarking on a new and exciting professional development project for Irish musicians working in healthcare settings. The project involves a partnership between Music Network, the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK and the University of Applied Science, Turku, Finland under with the project coordination of Musique et Santé, Paris, France and is supported with funding from the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Programme of the European Commission. 

Cellist Gráinne Hope from Meath, guitarist/singer-songwriter Liam Merriman from Waterford, and guitarist/singer Finn MacGinty from Westmeath have been selected to participate in this programme. All three are professional Irish musicians have in-depth knowledge and experience of working in a range of healthcare contexts in Ireland and an intimate knowledge of the music in healthcare approach. They will join six other musicians, three from the UK and three from Finland, for a series of five training sessions in Paris and Dublin that will be led by Musique et Santé.

The purpose of the programme is to provide training to professional musicians, experienced in working in healthcare settings to be trainers in this approach. The music in healthcare settings approach which has been developed by Musique et Santé involves a non-clinical approach that advocates for accessibility to high-quality, live music for all patients and clients in any healthcare situation. The focus of this approach is on well-being and while some clinical outcomes have been recorded in participants in these interventions, they are considered a boon rather than the objective of the engagement.

The first training session will take place in Paris from 26 – 30 September with the first training session in Ireland scheduled to take place during the week of 21 – 25 November and a second one during the week of 27 February – 2 March, 2012. The training sessions in Dublin will take place at St James’s Hospital, Dublin and will involve the Haematology/Oncology Day Care Centre, the Department of Medicine for the Elderly and the Department of Psychiatry.

Since 2000, Music Network has provided professional development opportunities for musicians in Ireland through a series of training programmes and courses that focus on enabling musicians to work effectively in a range of community settings and to equip them with access to information on the non-artistic facets of a performance career.


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Musique & Santé (Paris, France)

Musique & Santé was founded in 1998. It is a French non-profit organization advocating and working for the development of live music in hospitals and institutions for people with disabilities. Through actions, training sessions, research, and mediation, Musique & Santé engages with everyone – whatever their age and culture.


Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK)

The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) is the only conservatoire within the UK to have been awarded status as a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Their Professional Development Department is already working with Musique & Santé to develop a Music for Health Learning Programme within the UK.


University of Applied Sciences of Turku (Finland)

TUAS is a multidisciplinary institution of higher education that offers competitive qualifications for international careers in Arts Academy, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Business, Technology, Environment and Business, Telecommunication and e-Business and Well-being Services. The Arts Academy has 600 students in the Bachelor’s degree programmes and has 80 full-time teachers. There are four degree programmes: Fine Arts, Music, Performing Arts and Media Arts. The faculty of Health Care has 1900 students in the Bachelor’s degree programmes and in a Master’s Degree programme under the supervision of 130 experts educating Emergency Care Nurses, Midwives, Nurses, Public Health Nurses, Dental Hygienists and Medical Laboratory Technologists.