Music Network and Musique et Santé in Music in Healthcare Settings Training Programme

08 February 2010

Music Network, in partnership with Musique et Santé, Europe’s only dedicated Music & Health organisation, is conducting a Music in Healthcare Settings Training Programme for musicians at St. James’s Hospital Dublin from 8 – 12 February, 2010. The training programme, funded by the Leonardo da Vinci – Lifelong Learning fund of the European Union, was devised to provide musicians from four European countries an opportunity to acquire the skills and competencies to work in a range of healthcare environments and an opportunity to develop greater cultural understanding through music and health across Europe.


Four Irish musicians are taking part in the training programme alongside trainees from the partner organisations in Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester  (UK), The Academy of Music, Krakow (Poland) and Musique et Santé (France). They are violinist Aingeala De Burca from Dublin, guitarist/singer Liam Merriman from Waterford, guitarist Joe Philpott from Cork and guitarist Finn MacGinty from Westmeath.


The training in Dublin during the week of 8-12 February will be based at St. James’s Hospital concentrating on three areas: working on the Oncology Day Ward and working with the patients and clients in the Department of Medicine for the Elderly and the Department of Psychiatry.  The trainees will also give a concert in the Main Reception area of St. James’s Hospital at lunchtime on Wednesday 10th February.


This is the third instalment of the programme that commenced in October 2009 with training in healthcare settings in Paris and Manchester. Two further training weeks will take place in Krakow and Paris during March and May of this year. Each training week includes regular workshops, artistic residencies, patient bedside performances and mobile performances in various hospital and healthcare settings.


Music Network has been involved in music in healthcare settings since 1998 as part of our aim to provide access to the highest quality live music to the people of Ireland, regardless of their location or circumstance. Following the publication of the Music Network Music in Healthcare 2000 – 2004 Report, Music Network has concentrated on providing professional development supports to musicians working, or with an interest in working, in healthcare settings in Ireland.





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Music Network: Chronology of work in Music in Healthcare Settings

1998 – Series of Concerts in Healthcare Environments

  • 22 Concerts in variety of healthcare environments around Ireland


  • Involved Classical and Traditional Irish Musicians


  • Independently evaluated and informed the subsequent projects 

2000 – Music in Healthcare Phase 1 (Apr – June) & Phase 2 (Oct – Dec)

  • Concentrating on older people in Residential & Day-Care Settings


  • Began Professional Development Training Weekends for musicians participating in the Music in Healthcare Programme in order to support and develop skills, resources and competencies

2000 – 2004 Music in Healthcare Programme

A Partnership between Music Network and Health Service Executive concentrating on the Midlands Region.


- to present bespoke workshops and performances of the highest quality to older people within their own living environment
- to enhance social awareness among clients, and between them and their professional carers
- to analyse the impact of the music activities from the perspective of all participants, and to use the findings to refine the model for the future
- to promote sustainability by building up music resources in participating centres, by offering training and support to key staff members, and by forging links between care staff and local music/arts resource people
- to raise awareness among both the medical and caring professions, and among the wider public as to the potential benefits of music within the area of care for the elderly and healthcare in general



The project took the format of series of participative music workshops exploring and celebrating personal creativity in older persons. It recognised the interplay of two key sets of professionals - musicians and healthcare staff - with appropriate training and support designed into the project for both constituencies. Emphasis was placed on the quality of the older people's encounter with music, and the working approach combined opportunities for the clients to listen to the professional musicians perform with participative collaboration, where the clients and staff created and performed their own music alongside the professionals.



This project was independently evaluated and the final report on this Project was launched in April 2006.

2005 – 2006 Music in Mental Healthcare Settings

  • Project formed part of the Cork: European Capital of Culture celebrations
  • Participative workshops with clients


  • Classical and Traditional Irish Musicians
  • Training with care staff





2006 – 2008 Continuing Professional Development Training Programme

  • Concentration on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training for professional musicians working or wishing to work in a range of outreach scenarios, including schools, youth work, working with older people and music in healthcare settings.  


  • Engaged Elaine Agnew as Artistic Advisor to the CPD Programme




2008 – 2010 European Music in Health Training Programme