Music Network Continuing Professional Development Programme 2010/11

30 August 2010

Music Network is currently seeking applications from Irish and Ireland-based professional musicians and composers interested in participating in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme 2010/11.

The CPD Programme provides professional musicians and composers with the opportunity to learn and develop skills in workshop facilitation.

Elaine Agnew, composer and leading music facilitator, is the Artistic Advisor and Lead Facilitator to the programme. The programme focuses on two key areas of musicianship: improvisation and vocal skills and how these key skills can be adapted to deliver a high-quality, interactive, fun musical experiences in a range of community settings including:

  • schools

  • youth groups

  • healthcare settings

  • very young children (from 18 months).

All participating musicians must be supported with a bursary from a local authority arts office, professional performing group or other suitable support body.

Closing date for applications is Friday 8th October, 2010

Further details about the course and how to apply are available here.