Top 5 Reasons not to miss Airelle Besson, Sebastian Sternal & Jonas Burgwinkel

07 October 2019


1. You get to see three of Europe's most exciting jazz musicians on the one stage

This trio was destined for great things from the first time their musical paths crossed. Their debut performance at the Münster International Jazz Festival garnered fantastic reviews, and their musical performances have been described as “remarkably fresh”, “extraordinary” and “enriching” (All About Jazz).

2. It’s a rare treat 

Due to their demanding solo careers, it is only on very rare occasions that Airelle Besson, Sebastian Sternal and Jonas Burgwinkel find time to collaborate. When they do take to the stage their music is mesmerising, and this is a unique opportunity to see them perform live!


3. Airelle Besson's performances are astonishing

A multi-award winning trumpet player and composer, Airelle is one of the most admired jazz artists in France. She has studied with Wynton Marsalis and has an impressive track-record having been twice chosen as Best French Musician of the Year by the French Django Reinhardt Award Academy and as Jazz Revelation of the Year at the French Award ceremony Les Victoires du Jazz. 


4. You’ll get to see a real, live Fender Rhodes

Even if you’ve never played a Fender Rhodes electric piano, never seen one, never even knew about it, you’ve heard that sound. The Fender Rhodes transformed the sound of modern jazz from the ’70s onwards. People have described its sound as everything from tubular bells dunked underwater to a cross between piano and guitar, but whatever words you choose, there’s no denying how far the warm, resonant tone of the Rhodes has suffused popular music as we know it. Sebastian Sternal, the trio's piano and keyboard player, will show us how it's done. 


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5. Jazz is good for you!

Apparently listening to jazz can lower your blood pressure as much as loosing 10 lbs can. It’s also said that it can be as effective at reducing anxiety as a massage. What's not to love?

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The Airelle Besson, Sebastian Sternal and Jonas Burgwinkel Trio are on tour with Music Network from 23 - 27 October 2019 with concerts in Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Letterkenny, Bray and Cork. Tickets cost €10-€20, depending on the venue. Book now at