February 2017: Dinosaur

06 March 2017

During their tour, the musicians facilitated two composition workshops, in Letterkenny and Dún Laoghaire, as part of the Learning and Participation Programme. We partnered with Donegal Music Education Partnership and Newpark Music Centre to organise the activities.

Thank you to our partner promoters Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny and the Pavilion Theatre, Dún Laoghaire for supporting the Learning and Participation Programme.


Participant Feedback

"Outstanding group both on and off the stage"

"Fantastic to see and hear young musicians playing the type of jazz that could bring jazz back to its rightful place e.g. a great art-form"

"We learned how to compose like a pro"

"Wonderful introduction to performing / jazz improv. Would love more!"


Project Partner Feedback

"Laura Jurd was our top-class guide on an illuminating and pain-free journey towards our very jazz composition, helped by her band mates Elliott Galvin and Corrie Dick. Our mixed ability group had a great time and learned a lot in an hour and a half. Thanks!" Martin McGinley, Donegal MEP

"We really appreciate the effort both Music Network and the members of Dinosaur made in facilitating the workshop and actively promoting the improvised music scene in Ireland." Cormac O’Brien, Newpark Music Centre