Support Learning & Participation

Support Learning & Participation
We want to leave a lasting impact on the communities we reach, so our national tours include opportunities for people of all ages to engage with and learn from our acclaimed touring musicians.

Our programmes have a positive social impact and substantial geographic reach, and your support can help us to bring inspirational musical experiences to even more people. In 2020 we anticipate that more than 2,000 people around Ireland will participate in activities including:

  • Workshops and interactive performances in schools
  • Masterclasses for talented emerging musicians
  • Workshops with community music groups
  • Participatory experiences in healthcare settings
  • Facilitated opportunities to help older people attend our concerts, in partnership with Alone

We have increased the reach of our Learning & Participation activities by 50% in the last two years, and we plan to continue this growth. Your gift can make this happen.

If you would like to support Music Network’s Learning & Participation Activities, please call Muireann Sheahan on +353 1 4750224 or email