Community Programmes

Community Programmes
Our vision is that of a culture which increasingly values live music as an integral and beneficial part of our everyday lives.

We work with professional musicians to develop and deliver community programmes that encourage participation in live music and promote the many health and wellbeing benefits of music.

Our community programmes have been built through partnerships with local authorities, and collaborations with cultural, community and arts organisations nationwide. Our projects are designed to be inclusive, creating space for creativity and learning for people of all ages and abilities, irrespective of financial circumstance or location.

If you would like to find out more about our community programmes and how you can take part please contact Sarah Ledwidge at or call 1 475 0224.

Current and upcoming community programmes
  • Teaching residencies for older people
  • Alone Access programme
  • Befriending Anxiety
  • Take a breadth
  • Oscailt – Schools programme