Research and Advocacy

Research and Advocacy
We embrace innovation through research, exploration and experimentation to advocate for the value of live music in society

We conduct research to identify the needs and gaps in provision and then we work to fill them.

Much of our work has focused on research and development with a view to creating new models of access to music and to positively influence music and arts policy and, in some cases, cross-sectoral policy affecting areas such as education, healthcare and social inclusion, which will be of long-term benefit to society.

Our work has impacted significantly on infrastructure for music in Ireland. Our 2003 feasibility study report, A National System of Local Music Education Services resulted in the establishment of Music Generation, The National Music Education Programme, which now provides 100,000 opportunities for children and young people to participate in instrumental and vocal music education annually.

Our 2014 Feasibility Study to research the degree of need at ground level for a National Music Instrument Resource is also informing our current work to develop a National Musical Instrument Collection to address the lack of access to appropriate standard instruments for our most talented musicians.

We continue to work to find new ways to improve access to live music for people across Ireland.