Amy Dickson, Sonoko Miriam Welde & Simon Mulligan

Amy Dickson, Sonoko Miriam Welde & Simon Mulligan

Amy Dickson, Sonoko Miriam Welde & Simon Mulligan
Discover the extraordinary sonic beauty of this trio featuring twice Grammy-nominated saxophonist Amy Dickson, violinist Sonoko Miriam Welde and pianist Simon Mulligan.

Amy Dickson saxophones
Sonoko Miriam
Welde violin
Simon Mulligan

Performing together for the first time on this Music Network tour, this trio of extraordinary musicians has selected a programme which showcases both their virtuosity and ability to creatively adapt much-loved music to their unusual combination of instruments.

Incorporating elements of folk and popular music from around the world, their performances will include Gershwin’s jazz-infused Rhapsody in Blue, Ravel’s famous Bolero, and Amy Dickson’s gorgeous transcription of Philip Glass’s shimmering violin sonata, alongside a new Music Network commission by Ronan Guilfoyle.

Listen and enjoy, as metal, wood and string alchemize in the hands of these highly accomplished musicians, to produce an extraordinary musical soundscape of breath-taking beauty.

Poulenc L’Invitation au Château
Couleurs d'un Rêve
Rhapsody in Blue (arr. Simon Mulligan)
Ronan Guilfoyle – A new Music Network commission
Violin Sonata in G Minor
Philip Glass Sonata for Violin and Piano, 3rd Movement (transcr. Amy Dickson)
Bolero (arr. Simon Mulligan)

Amy Dickson - Glass: Sonata for violin and piano (Arr. for saxophone): Movement III