dlr Musician-in-Residence Kevin Brady: Tudo é Som

dlr Musician-in-Residence Kevin Brady: Tudo é Som

dlr Musician-in-Residence Kevin Brady: Tudo é Som
Tudo é Som: a new programme of music by Kevin Brady and the Tommy Halferty Trio featuring a number of world premieres.

Tommy Halferty guitar
Kevin Brady
Dave Redmond
electric & double bass
Scott Flanigan
fender Rhodes

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and Music Network announced the appointment of Kevin Brady, on behalf of the Tommy Halferty Trio, as the second Musician-in-Residence for 2020 in September.

Since then, Kevin Brady and the other members of the Tommy Halferty Trio have explored and composed music influenced by música instrumental Brasileira (Brazilian instrumental music). This style refers to jazz and other forms of instrumental music inspired by great Brazilian composers such as Hermeto Pascoal, Antônio Carlos Jobim and Antonio Adolfo.

The resulting online performance, Tudo é Som (Everything is Sound) celebrates the diversity of culture in Ireland today.

dlr Musicians-In-Residence Tommy Halferty Trio – Tudo é Som

Kevin Brady on Tudo é Som

"For our video we wanted to perform a collection of original compositions that were written during the time of our residency. We wanted to give people watching the video the opportunity to also listen to some compositions written by some of the great composers of the Brazilian music tradition. The band features: Tommy Halferty on guitar, Kevin Brady on drums, Dave Redmond on electric and double bass and our special guest on fender Rhodes from Belfast, Scott Flanigan. We had written the original music with the sound of the fender Rhodes piano being included as it is an integral part of the sound of one of the styles from Brazil, in this case Bossa Nova. The music is energetic, rhythmic and harmonically varied and features rhythmic styles such as Partido Alto, Bossa Nova and Baion which are all part of the eclectic and diverse music that comes from Brazil.

Tudo é Som is one of my own original compositions, and the title name of our project while working throughout the Residency. In English it translates to ‘Everything is Sound’. This composition features solos by Scott Flanigan on fender Rhodes and Tommy on guitar, finishing with a drum feature by myself. The group’s aim throughout the Residency was to compose and perform a body of new work influenced by the Brazilian musical style and we wanted to highlight the diversity of culture now an integral part of society here in Ireland.

Chiado Alto composed by Tommy Halferty and arranged by the group got its namesake from an area within Lisbon, Portugal with the Brazilian rhythm of Partido Alto (Beyond High). This is a fast version of a Samba based in two parts, like a verse and refrain of a song. Within this piece, we used different modulating key centres from A major to G, Ab and Eb majors in the 1st part and then we used the key centre A major as the refrain for the second part.

The next tune entitled Recife Lydian is another original composition. This is called after Recife, a town in Northern Bahia where the samba first came to Brazil. In this tune we used the Lydian scale as the motif used throughout the tune which is separated by the 2nd section, here we use more chromatic movement in the 3rd section.

As well as our own compositions we wanted to feature the work of some of Brazil’s great composers. We decided to include the wonderful tune entitled Andorinha, composed by the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim which was featured on his seminal studio recording called Stone Flower recorded in 1970. Lastly we decided to perform a Fast Samba style tune entitled The Gift, composed by Djalma Ferreira."

dlr Musicians-In-Residence Timmy Halferty Trio trailer

The dlr Musician-in-Residence scheme is jointly funded by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and the Arts Council and managed by Music Network.

Kevin Brady has been a member of the Tommy Halferty Trio for over 10 years, performing alongside double bassist Dave Redmond and guitarist Tommy Halferty. Kevin honed his global style through study in New York and Havana, and has performed at the legendary Sydney Opera House and Ronnie Scott’s club in London, as well as at international jazz festivals from Cork to Columbia.