Making Music with Trio Táin: the Wicklow Teaching Residency

Making Music with Trio Táin: the Wicklow Teaching Residency

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A shared learning opportunity for County Wicklow residents aged 55 and over, presented by Music Network and Wicklow County Council Arts Office.

Music Network and Wicklow County Council Arts Office are inviting Wicklow residents aged 55 and over to join an exciting music project with Trio Táin, comprising renowned musicians Aisling Ennis (harp), Vourneen Ryan (flute/recorder) and Robin Panter (violin/viola).

The focus of this project is on returning to playing an instrument and sharing the joy of group music-making. Participants will receive tuition from the trio on harp, flute, recorder, violin or viola from November 2022 to March 2023. Tuition is free of charge and instruments can be provided if necessary for the duration of the project.

Applicants must be aged 55 or over, resident in County Wicklow, and have previous experience of playing music. Some experience of reading music is welcomed. The project will be based at Wicklow County Campus, Clermont House, Newrath, Rathnew, Co. Wicklow. To apply, either visit the link below or phone 01 4750224. The closing date for applications is 8th November 2022, at 2pm.

Between November 2022 and March 2023, participants will receive eight one-to-one instrumental lessons with the relevant musician, in addition to three group lessons with others playing the same instrument. The project will conclude with three large ensemble sessions, where all participants will join together with the professional musicians to play the music learned during the project. As well as playing together, the participants will enjoy three informal coffee sessions which will include chats on wide-ranging musical topics.

Please note, participants must be available on all of the dates listed. While the preference is for in-person events wherever possible, lessons may take place via video call if necessary, e.g. in line with public health directives. Technical support to enable online learning will be provided to participants if necessary.

Places are limited to 15. Priority will be given on a first come first served basis, however additional criteria that will be taken into account for selection include availability of teaching slots, geographical spread throughout the county, availability of instruments, playing experience and ability to partake in the full programme.

Proposed Schedule*

* For lessons 1- 8, participants will each be allocated a 40 minute slot within the time frames set out below. Group lessons, coffee sessions and ensemble sessions involve all participants for the full duration.

Nov 17th 2022– Introductory session (11–12pm)

Nov 17th 2022– Lesson 1 (12pm-4pm)

Nov 25th 2022 – Lesson 2 (10am – 3pm)

Dec 2nd 2022 – Lesson 3 (10am – 3pm)

Dec 12th 2022 – Group lesson 1 & Coffee Session 1 (11am–2pm)

Jan 11th 2023 – Lesson 4 (10am – 3pm)

Jan 16th 2023 – Lesson 5 violin/viola (10am – 3pm)

Jan 19th 2023 – Lesson 5 harp, flute/recorder (10am – 3pm)

Feb 2nd 2023 – Group lesson 2 & Coffee Session 2 (11am–2pm)

Feb 9th 2023 – Lesson 6 (10am – 3pm)

Feb 17th 2023 – Lesson 7 (10am – 3pm)

Feb 23rd 2023 – Group lesson 3 & Coffee Session 3 (11am – 2pm)

Mar 2nd 2023 – Lesson 8 (10am – 3pm)

Mar 16th 2023 – Ensemble Session 1 (11am–2pm)

Mar 23rd 2023 – Ensemble session 2 (11am–2pm)

Mar 30th 2023 – Ensemble session 3 (11am–2pm)

*Please note, dates may be subject to change, with the agreement of artists and participants

Irish-based Trio Táin, formed in 2020, is Ireland’s leading flute, viola and harp ensemble. The name ‘Trio Táin’ represents the home place of two of the ensemble's members, Robin Panter (viola) and Vourneen Ryan (flute), who are married and live together with their two small children in Louth, where the legend of the Táin Bó Cúailnge originates.

All three musicians have played together since 2007 in various ensembles including the National Symphony Orchestra, RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Irish National Opera, Irish Chamber Orchestra and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, from China to Liverpool and throughout Ireland.

Trio Táin’s members all have well-established careers as professional musicians. Robin Panter (viola) is currently a member of the Irish Chamber Orchestra and has a busy freelance career as a violist. Robin is a string faculty member at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Vourneen Ryan (flute) was previously co-principal flute with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and now has a varied career as a freelance flautist, educator and performance psychologist. Vourneen is on the flute faculty and lectures in Career Development at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Aisling Ennis (harp) is a Wicklow-based artist who enjoys a varied career as a performer, artistic collaborator and improviser.

Trio Táin’s mission is to deliver inclusive, engaging, and innovative work. The trio curates programmes of established concert repertoire, as well as exploring alternative concert formats such as their series of reflective concerts, Pause. Trio Táin welcomes collaborations and has joined with soprano Catherine Redding to perform Taverner's To a Child Dancing in the Wind at The Whale Theatre, Greystones, a programme which will tour Ireland in 2022/2023.

The trio has gratefully received generous support from many organisations including The Arts Council of Ireland, Wicklow County Council, and Create Louth.

Trio Táins’ Pause series was supported by the Arts Council of Ireland’s Agility Award, during which they performed their own arrangements of music by composers such as Phillip Glass, Telemann, Arvo Pärt and Bach. This expertly curated programme of music was born from the desire to provide music as a balm to comfort others in times of stress and anxiety. The series was recorded and filmed at Anaverna House, Louth, and is available to watch on the @triotain YouTube channel.

Both Vourneen and Aisling are recipients of Arts Council of Ireland Music bursaries. Robin plays on a viola by John Dilworth, generously funded through the Music Capital Scheme which is managed by Music Network and funded by The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

Watch Trio Táin perform
Closing date for applications: 8th November 2022, 2pm.
To apply by phone, call Music Network on 01 4750224