Wires, Strings & Other Things

Wires, Strings & Other Things

Wires string things
We are delighted to present two special schools performances of Wires, Strings & Other Things in partnership with The Ark as part of Carlow Arts Festival.

Meet Ed, Andreea and James, three people who are crazy about music and sound.

Ed is in the corner, building strange electronic instruments. Andreea plays the viola beautifully, reading sheets of music as if they were fairy tales. And James wanders a labyrinth of sound like an explorer, disrupting with his bass clarinet as he goes.

Anything can happen as they start to invent music together. With your help, they’ll explore the magic and mystery of how to compose, perform and improvise.

Wires, Strings & Other Things, conceived and created by Brian Irvine and Wouter Van Looy is a music performance that encourages you to always be curious.

The duration of the show is 45mins.

Schools can email info@carlowartsfestival.ie to book tickets.

Wires, Strings & Other Things at The Ark 2022

The Ark and Music Network – Wires, Strings & Other Things

Andreea Banciu (viola), James Allsopp (bass clarinet), Ed Devane (electronic instruments)
Composer: Brian Irvine
: Wouter Van Looy
Stage & Costume Design
: Alyson Cummins
Video Design:
Erato Tzavara
Lighting Design
: Sarah Jane Shiels
Commissioned and Produced by
: The Ark and Music Network
Supported by
: Onassis STEGI