Make a Donation

Make a Donation
Music Network is a non-profit arts organisation that relies on the support of government agencies, sponsors, and the generosity of Friends and donors like you.

Every donation we receive helps us to realise our ambition to make transformative musical experiences accessible to everyone in Ireland.

Your donation, whether large or small, will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged. Single donations can be made online at the link below, in your own name, as a gift or anonymously.

Please select your donation preference on the PayPal dropdown or contact our Development Officer Catherine Hearn for more details.

Instruments for Older People Appeal

We believe that it’s never too late to start or return to an instrument you’ve longed to play! Your donation will help us to establish a bank of musical instruments for older people wishing to embark on a course of instrumental lessons.

Please indicate your donation preference in the PayPal dropdown or email our Development Officer Catherine Hearn.