Music Network: Music & Health

Music Network’s involvement in Music & Health dates back to a series of one-off concerts in a range of healthcare contexts in 1998. The Music Network Music & Health Programme grew to encompass large-scales projects in residential care for the elderly in the midlands and mental healthcare settings in Cork. Reports on these projects are available here. Since 2006, on recommendation, Music Network focuses on training and supporting professional musicians in this work. The Music & Health module of Music Network’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme provides  introductory training for musicians to working in healthcare contexts on an annual basis,  More information about this Programme is available here.

Between 2008 and 2010 Music Network worked in partnership with Musique et Santé (France), the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (UK) and the Academy of Music, Krakow (Poland) to develop and deliver an international training programme for professional musicians working or wishing to work in healthcare contexts. The project was funded by the Partnership fund of the Leonardo da Vinci, Lifelong Learning Fund of the European Commission. The programme aimed to further develop the skills and competences of musicians working in healthcare contexts in Ireland and consisted of a series of 5 training weeks that took place in Paris, Manchester, Dublin and Krakow where 14 musicians (including 4 from Ireland) engaged in training workshops and onsite experiences in hospitals in these cities.

The report detailing the outcomes of this Programme is available here.


Music in Healthcare Settings: Training Trainers (2010 – 2012)

Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (2010-1-FR1-LEO05-14475)


In August 2010, Music Network in partnership with the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) (UK) and Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) under the coordination of Musique & Santé (France) were awarded support from the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission to deliver a programme transferring Musique & Santé’s skills and expertise in training musicians to work in healthcare contexts to experienced practitioners in the UK, Ireland and Finland.

Three Irish professional musicians, with significant experience of working in a range of healthcare contexts in Ireland are currently undergoing this training programme with colleagues from the UK and Finland. The training is provided by Musique & Santé.

Further details about this project are available in the project website here.


Music Network: ‘The Wealth of Music & Health’ - A Music & Health Seminar


The Coach House, Dublin Castle, 23 May 2012

Music Network will host a daylong seminar in Music & Health on Wednesday 23 May 2012 at The Coach House, Dublin Castle. The key objective of this seminar is to explore the wealth of approaches, experiences and practices of musicians working in healthcare contexts in Ireland and to seek to establish a place within that environment for the expertise accumulated through the Music in Healthcare Settings: Training Trainers Programme. The seminar will include presentations from the Irish musicians and international partners involved in the Programme along with panel discussions addressing current developments in the area of arts and health and music and health in Ireland.

Who should attend?

Musicians working in healthcare contexts; Music Therapists; Community Musicians; Arts Officers; Musicians with an interest in working in healthcare; Music & Health Practitioners; Music students interested in non-formal performance/audience engagement; Healthcare Professionals; Health Sector Managers/Representatives; Representatives of healthcare organisations; Arts Coordinators/Directors in Hospitals and other Healthcare contexts; Arts and Health Practitioners working in any discipline; Artists working in all disciplines interested in learning more about music & health and interested in working collaboratively with musicians.

Seminar Content

In Ireland, the area of Arts & Health and Music & Health in particular, is broad-ranging, dynamic and rapidly developing. Over the past 15 years, the wealth of knowledge, experience and opportunity for musicians to work in healthcare contexts has expanded with  the emergence of a broad range of approaches including:

•    music therapy and the establishment of the first Music Therapy postgraduate degree at the University of Limerick,
•     Masters in Community Music
•    the development of approaches with non-clinical and creativity-led engagements (workshops and engagements focusing on the participative and creative potential)
•    models of engagement for orchestras and performance focused engagement as well as compositions, artist-in-residence programmes and the emergence of musicians working collaboratively with Artists from other disciplines including dance, literature/storytelling, visual arts etc.

This Seminar would like to explore channels whereby this wealth of knowledge and experience can be shared, to look at the possibility of fluid engagement between approaches and practices in Music & Health in Ireland for the collective betterment of this work. Is it possible to identify the areas of overlap and commonality between these approaches in order to achieve a greater sense of synergy in this valuable work without threatening the differing core values of each approach?

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend:

  1. a snapshot of the current range of approaches and opportunities for musicians working or wishing to work in healthcare contexts
  2. an opportunity to network with national and international colleagues and key organisations and individuals involved in this exciting area of work
  3. an informative and challenging day of discussion, engagement and inspiration

Further information & Registration Details:

If you would like to register for the Seminar, please email you contact details to Andreas Ziemons.


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