Professional Development Training: Making Music Accessible for Children with Special Educational Needs

Professional Development Training: Making Music Accessible for Children with Special Educational Needs

Professional Development Training: Making Music Accessible for Children with Special Educational Needs
Delivered by Dr. Denise White, a leading expert in the fields of music education and intellectual disability, these Zoom workshops will provide professional musicians with the tools to inspire children through music, exploring new, creative and fully inclusive approaches. This series of 4 workshops is part of Taking Charge of Your Performance Career 2022 and is just one of the ways Music Network supports musicians throughout the year.

22nd October: The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Music Student

An Overview of Disabilities, Challenges and Capabilities, and the Meaning of Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (CLLD) within a Musical Context

The term ‘special educational needs’ is used by childcare and educational professionals in relation to children whose development is atypical, i.e. not following the recognised pattern seen in most children. Regardless of the special need, music has the ability to totally transform lives for the better, because it effortlessly generates a safe learning environment. This session will help participants to understand the talents, capabilities and musical potential of individuals with SEN, and why musicians should seek to include children with SEN in their programme of work.

Seven hundred and eighty million children worldwide are now presenting with CLDD, and this number will increase further. They present with a range of issues and combination of layered needs. The co-occurring and compounding nature of complex learning difficulties requires a personalised learning pathway that recognises a child’s unique and changing learning patterns. This session will explore the background to CLDD and illustrate the benefit of creating inclusive musical experiences to unlock every child’s creative potential.

Sensory Processing Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorder: Challenging Behaviour and Quality Music Making

This session will delve into the often misunderstood and undiagnosed conditions Sensory Processing Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorder, exploring the musical and creative implications for children presenting with these conditions, as well as providing strategies and teaching tips for musicians engaging with children. Denise will explore what drives certain behaviours associated with these conditions, sharing practical tips on creating positive, quality musical experiences that challenge children with SEN and build their confidence in their own musical and creative potential.

29th October: Open Access For All: A New Approach to Music/Instrumental Teaching

Exploring Accessibility, Innovation and Adaptive Technologies

When a child is actively involved in music, the entire brain is being utilized. Music enhances communicative behaviour and encourages interaction with others. For children dealing with SEN, interacting with others can be difficult, but engagement with music has been shown to have a positive effect on psychological, social, physical, cognitive, language, and behavioural issues. This session will explore the practical application of specific activities, methodologies and technologies that can enable music practitioners to expand their reach by turning barriers into bridges for the 1 in 7 people in Ireland with disabilities.

An Island Full of Opportunities: Helping You Establish an Inclusive Ensemble

As the founder of Conductology, Denise encourages all musicians to consider hosting fully inclusive, high quality music performances and events where even the most vulnerable learners can share their achievements. In this session, Denise will share a step-by-step guide and empower professional musicians to establish, develop and expand inclusive and creative music initiatives that advance skills, challenge mindset, overcome adversity and awaken a new era of thinking in music education.

Dr. Denise White FRSA is a multi-award-winning special needs and music educator with 30 years’ experience in early years, primary, post-primary, special educational needs, and further and higher education. She is known for her innovative and creative teaching methods and is the founder of the scientifically proven music invention “Conductology” – a universal gesture system for real-time music-making.

Denise is also well known for her work in establishing and leading inclusive and creative ensembles and orchestras. She also works for the Education Authority in the special needs sector.

Denise is the author of the book, The Music Improvisation Model for Children (Bookhub Publishing), a Speaker, Mentor, Consultant and, in her spare time, enjoys travelling, cooking and composing.

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